Wicked Embers is now out!

Wicked Embers–book 2 of my Souls of Fire series– is now officially available worldwide! It’s my only release this year (unless I can get my act together and finish Fowl Deeds, the 2nd book in the Harri Phillecky series) but that doesn’t mean I’ll be lazing around twiddling my thumbs. I’m currently writing Flameout, the 3rd book in the Souls of Fire series, and then I have to swing onto Winter Halo, the second in my yet unreleased Outcast series.

And while I may only have the one print novel out, there are audio books coming! Audible have purchased the right for all my ImaJinn novels (the ones Bantam recently re-released in paperback format) and they’ll be coming out over the next year or so.

Until the next update, keep safe everybody!


Out Now

Darkness Falls

The final book in the Dark Angels series...

The search for the last key to the gates of hell has begun, and half-werewolf, half-Aedh Risa Jones is in more danger than ever—and one misstep could prove ruinous. It’s only a matter of time before Madeleine Hunter, the dangerous head of the vampire council, begins her hunt for complete domination. And for Risa, that comes with an alarming ultimatum: hand over the last key to Hunter or, one by one, her loved ones will die.

Now, it’s a race against time for Risa to save those she loves, and to stop Hunter’s apocalyptic plan to open the very gates of hell.

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