Wicked Embers medGiveaway Update!

and the winners of the signed books are:

Kyara Skye, Maiya Attschwager, and Allison Newchurch. Congrats ladies!

More giveaways coming up soon, so stay tuned  :)


I know it’s Easter, but rather than giveaway some chokkie eggs (which are hell to post) I thought I’d give away some books. And no, I’m not giving away Wicked Embers ARCs, as I haven’t got any yet. You’ll just have to wait a few more months for that one.

But I am giving away my other books–or, at least, three of them. And the winners can choose which of my 30 odd books they would like signed and sent to them (as long as I have it in storage, that is). The contest will run for twenty-four hours, so until 9am Easter Saturday morning, just to give everyone on the wrong side of the world a chance to enter. All you have to do is put ‘website giveaway’ in the subject line of an email, and send it to kez @ keriarthur DOT com (no spaces & real dot, obviously). As I said, there’ll be three winners chosen, so good luck!

Okay, so I’m slack. You all know this. I know this. But I wasn’t aware just how slack I could be until I went to check something on my website and saw that I hadn’t revealed the amazing cover for City of Light here–the one place it should be!

so, without further delay, here it is:City_of_light(final)med


Once again, I have to thank the amazing Tony Mauro for the artwork. Of all the covers he’s done for me, I think this is my favourite. But then, I also totally love this story — it’s a book that I started 3 or 4 years ago, but it stalled at page 80 and refused to speak to me for a couple of years. Which frustrated not only me, but my agent, Miriam, who totally loved the characters in this one, and wanted to see how it ended! Then, at the World Fantasy Con in Brighton (UK), over a couple of drinks with Miriam and Kaz Mahony (awesome author, good mate, and fellow deadline dame), the story came to life and it was finished within a couple of months.

So now, at the end of this year, you’ll all get the chance to read it. And I’ve got my fingers crossed that you’ll all love the characters as much as Miriam and I do  :)

Has time sped up, or am I just getting older? lol

In a rather good start to the year, I’ve sold the next two books in the Souls of Fire series! I love Emberly, so it’s fabulous to be able to remain in her world a little bit longer.

And in another bit of good news, the audio rights for all my old ImaJinn books have also been sold–yay! They’re being recorded now, so they should become available within the next few months. More news as I get it.

Overall, it’s been a busy couple of months for me. Even though I only have the one release this year–Wicked Embers, the second in the Souls of Fire series, which comes out in July–I’ve still got two other books to deliver. The first of those is Flameout (working title), which is the third in the Souls of Fire series and won’t be out until 2016.

The second book I have to deliver is one that’s been done for a while–City of Light. This is a book of the heart, a story I began three or four years ago, and which stalled at precisely page 78 for just over two years. I loved the characters and the world but I just had no idea where to take it. Then, when I was at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in 2013 (wow, seems like ages ago now!), Miriam Kriss (my agent), fellow Deadline Dame (and fabulous author) Kaz Mahoney, and myself all sat down around a drink or two (as you do at conventions) and hashed it out. Suddenly the story was alive and it wouldn’t leave me alone. I think it’s the quickest I’ve ever finished a novel! Needless to say, I LOVE this story–and I’m hoping you all do too. It’s set for a Jan 2016 release  :)

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the cover for Wicked Embers  :)

Wicked Embers med


I got of box filled with these yesterday, so there’s a couple of giveaways happening. If you follow me on either Twitter or Facebook, the instructions to enter are on those respective pages. You’ve got until Friday 21st Nov  to enter. :)

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Darkness Falls by Keri Arthuryes, I know, it’s been ages! But I’ve been kept seriously busy with re-release edits and trying to get new books finished and delivered (not to mention gallivanting off to conferences and holidays), that something had to give.

It was, I’m afraid, this blog. I’m generally still active on Facebook and Twitter whatever my deadlines, but they’re a whole lot easier to update (no matter how annoying I often find Facebook’s constantly changing landscape!)

Anyway, enough with the whinging. I’m here to update you all on what’s been happening in my writing world.

As it happens, I’m currently in deadline hell, trying to get Wicked Embers–the 2nd novel in the Souls of Fire series–finished by it’s hand in date of November 1st.

Smack in the middle of that deadline comes the Conflux Conference (Oct 3-6). If you’re a writer who happens to live in Canberra (or out of it!) it’s well worth going. Once again they’ve come up trumps with lots of good panels and workshops, and this time there’s also several editors taking pitches. For more details, head to their website :)

Release wise, I have the re-release of Penumbra coming in October, and the last of the Dark Angels series–Darkness Falls–coming in December.

And what about 2015? Wicked Embers is slated for a July release, and City of Light–the first in the brand new Outcast series–will be coming out later in the year. I also hope to get Fowl Deeds, the 2nd book of my Harri Phillecki self-published series written and out there.

In the meantime, keep an eye on my Facebook page, or join up for the newsletter, because as soon as I get Darkness Falls ARCs, I’ll be giving them away!