The Black Tide special price for 1 week only!

To celebrate the birth of a brand new year, The Black Tide is currently on sale over at Amazon US for $2.99. Grab it while it’s cheap!

This special is for US & Canadian readers only (or those who have Amazon US accounts and aren’t hit by the regional restrictions/pricing) as those are the only 2 areas I control. Piatkus control the rights & pricing in the rest of the world. 

The Black Tide is now available!

Yep, it’s out! The Black Tide–the final book in the Outcast trilogy–is now available for purchase in ebook and print formats (direct links avail here) YAY! 

It’s been getting some fab reviews, too  :)

Annie from Under the Covers Book blog said, In the last installment to the Outcast series, Keri Arthur really gives it her all. Packed with action, suspense, and intrigue, this series is not one to be missed if you are a Sci Fi or Dystopian fan. 

Douglas Meeks (a reviewer on Goodreads) said, 5 Stars for a wonderful story with an epic conclusion.

Selenity Jade from Coffee Addicts Book Reviews said, What can I say about this book? It has all of the excellence you expect from a Keri Arthur novel. Great world building, realistic and likable characters, and amazing plot.

The Black Tide teaser take 2...

Only 5 days to go until The Black Tide–3rd and final book in the Outcast series–comes out!


for those who can’t wait to see what happens, here’s another teaser–this time the first three chapters. Just click the link below, and enjoy  :) 

The Black Tide teaser 2