Harry Potter and other stuff

Well, I trundled along with Pete and Kasey to see the latest Harry Potter the other day. I have to say, the graphics were incrediable. The dragon was simply amazing–and actually looked real. Unlike that stupid werewolf from the last movie.

But I’m one of the few people left on the planet who hasn’t actually read the books. Yes, I know, I’m slack, but I just have too many other books I need to read, and the thought of picking up a series that is not only not yet finished, but weighs a ton, just makes my wrists ache (tendonitis, you know ;) But because I haven’t read the books, I became totally lost in this movie. I know the main characters, but all the side characters, all the pass-off mentions of other threads that were obviously meant to mean something just went over my head. Pete did explain who was who in some areas, but he could hardly do that the whole movie. Which led me to another problem I had–the producers obviously expected you to know the books, and the characters. There was no attempt at background material, no hints for those few who haven’t read the books. As Pete said, it’s almost as if the characters are cardboard cutouts, because there’s no depth to any of the characterisation now. And that’s coming from someone who actually loves the books, so things have to be bad if he’s noticing it.

But the one good thing about the movie was the previews beforehand. King Kong and Narnia simply look smashing, and I can’t wait to see them. And what looks to be a spoof horror called Slither looks damn funny, too. It has the delightfully yummy Nathan Fillian (the captian guy from Firefly) in it, so that makes it a must-see anyway. :)

In writing news, well, there isn’t any. I spent the weekend visiting a friend in the hills, Christmas shopping (have I meantioned the fact that I hate Christmas shopping? And the fact that everything goes up pricewise this time of year is just so annoying…but that’s another rant…), and working in the garden, planting some trees and shrubs so everything looks pretty come Christmas time. Today will probably be a bust writing wise–it’s supposed to be 35 degrees celsius here, and that’s just too darn hot for this time of the year. The brain refuses to think in those sort of temps, I’m telling you.

But as ever, I’ll let you know what happens :)

and another one...

I got another review for Full Moon Rising today–this one from Harriet Klausner (and a big thankyou to Vicki White for finding it and passing it on!)

Harriet says:

Keri Arthur is one of the best supernatural romance writers in the world and the best to come out of Australia. After the audience reads this book, they will want to read her backlist (see imajinnbooks.com) because they are as good as FULL MOON RISING. There is enough romance, action and intrigue to
satiate the most discerning reader.. Character development is incredible making readers want to read future books starring Riley, an incredible person who will do what is necessary to keep her loved ones safe. There are several loose threads dangling so readers can be assured of at least one sequel and this reviewer can hardly wait.

How cool is that? Talk about an affirmation–I think I’ll print out “one of the best supernatural writers, and the best to come out of Australia” and stick it up on my wall for those days every writer has–the days when you think every word sucks, that you can’t write to save yourself, and that the book is just plain terrible. I can look at that, and say, hey, rack-off doubt, someone out there does think I can write.

Of course, I’m not about to start believing that sort of press–there’s way too many brilliant authors out there, authors who sell way more than me, authors whose footsteps I’d love to follow–but I have a ways yet before I’d ever class myself every bit as good as those ladies.

And of course, it doesn’t matter what I think anyway. It never matters what an author thinks–the only person that matters is the reader. There’s is the only opinion that counts, because they shell out the bucks.

So I’ll just sit here plugging away, and hoping like hell you do like Full Moon Rising enough to want the sequels.

good times and good reviews

Having a Lulu crit session and a christmas dinner celebration all in the one day seems to have unglued my muse–at least when it comes to the Loch Ness story. I’d been stuck in chapter two for weeks–I knew how I wanted the chapter to end, but I just wasn’t sure how to get there–or if what I’d done so far made sense or was complete and utter crap. I’m glad to report that according to the lulu’s, it isn’t crap :) Last night, the muse got its act together, and we wrote 7 pages in a couple of hours, and have rolled into chapter three. Not a bad effort of all. Maybe I need to ply my muse with champagne and cocktails a little bit more often–she seems to like it :)

In other news, Penumbra has picked up a couple of good reviews. Kathy Samuals, from Romance Reviews Today, had this is say:

Shapeshifters, murders, and mysteries abound as Sam tries to come to terms with her psychic gifts. What was the nature of the military project Penumbra, and was Sam a part of it? Secondary characters add to the plot by providing clues to Sam’s past, even as they paint a bleak picture of a possible future. To understand the characters and the back story, readers should definitely check out the first two books in the series before starting this one. PENUMBRA is probably my favorite of the three, as the action, which was never bad, has picked up even more, along with the relationship between Sam and Gabriel. I can’t wait for the next book to see where these two go.

and Amanda from The Eternal Night had this to say:

The world Ms. Arthur has created is as complex as any urban fantasy setting out there. Something for everyone is in this book; a touch of romance, action, mystery, suspense, a warm family setting that provides intriguing secondary characters, and incredible beings who are not strictly human. This series has not lost its strength yet, and shows no sign of doing so.

now I’ve just got to figure out the next book–and find the time to write it.

lunch breaks...

well, it is that time of year. You know, the time when everything stops for Christmas parties and lunch breaks.

what do you mean, it isn’t December yet?


given the above, you might be able to guess I haven’t done a whole lot of writing in the past few days. But I did have several very yummy lunchs :) The waistline is not thanking me, neither is the scales, but what the hell. Christmas only comes once a year (even if we celebrate it for the four or five weeks beforehand)

I did buckle down a little and write five pages today. This story continues to go its own way–Rhoan and Riley discovered they were being followed, and had a little fun roughing up their followers. So totally not what I was planning to happen next, but that’s what happens when you’re a seat-of-the-pantzer. At least writing is never dull–it might be difficult, but it’s never dull.

another day, another 6 pages

I’ve actually had a couple of good days of writing. Of course, I need to, because I’ve joined the custard tarts (I did not pick the name…but I like it!) on their fifty thousand words or bust challenge. Of course, I’m not actally planning to write 50 000 words, just get this book finished by Christmas, and get at least the third chapter of the stalled Loch Ness story done. Which will mean I’ll have to do about 40 000 words by Christmas, so that’s definitely challenge enough. Anyway, just so my fellow custard tarts know my page count and know I’m not cheating, I’m currently sitting on 306 pages completed. ;)

In other writing news, my agent liked the romantic suspense I sent, and is planning to start sending that out next week. It’ll be interesting to see what happens there–see whether the market likes or not. I plan on using a pseudonym if it does get picked up, just to keep my fantasy and paranormal novels seperate from my straighter romance ones. It’d be nice if it did get picked up…I might then have a chance of selling some of my other ‘straight’ romances I have sitting here. And hey, for those princesses hanging around waiting to see what happens with the Robbie story, it might even prompt me to finish it! :D