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Download a Quinn and Riley Short story (pdf)


If you’d like to hear me yak about Full Moon Rising and all things Riley, my podcast is now live and available. Head on over to Bantam’s site to download or to subscribe to Bantam’s monthly podcasts.

Conflux podcast — the panel on Urban fantasy versus paranormal I did with fellow writers Jane Routley and Jane Virgo

Forum/Message Board

Don’t forget to visit my forums over at coffee time if you ever feel like discussing any of the Riley books. The good folks over there are always ready for a chat!

CafePress Shop

Just for the fun of it, I’ve set myself up a CafePress Shop. It’s nothing fancy, but you can now buy Riley Jenson T-shirts, mugs, a tote bag and a teddy bear. There’s only one design available at the moment (and it’s a pretty basic design), but once I get a little bit more time to play with designs, I’ll add a few more options.


I headed off to the Northern Territory for my holidays this year. It’s an amazing place, and if you’d like to see some pics, there’s a whole heap of them over on my Flickr site.