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With 2007 drawing to a close and 2008 on the horizon, I thought I’d put up a little list of my fav things in 2007, as well as a list of things I plan to do in 2008.

Fav reads in 2007

(which may or may not have been released in 2007. I’m behind with my tbr pile)

1. Dead Heat, by Dick Francis

2. The Devil Inside, by Jenna Black

3. Blood Bound, by Patricia Briggs

4. The Perfect Rake, by Anne Gracie

5. Priceless, by Kelly Hunter


Fav Movies in 2007

1. The Bourne Ultimatum

2. Live Free or Die Hard

3. Hairspray

4. The Waitress

5. Crank or Shooter (can’t decide)


Fav TV shows or mini series in 2007

1. Supernatural

2. City Homicide

3. Top Gear (especially the specials!)

4. Band of Brothers

5. Any of the various UK lifestyle shows I watch


Things I plan to do in 2008.

1. Relax more

Okay, so being a writer isn’t the most strenuous job out there (I had a strenuous job when I was a cook, and ended up in hospital for nine days…) but it still often feel like I’m chained to the computer. Worse still, I often feel guilty when I’m not there. Next year, I want ditch the guilt and enjoy life beyond the computer a little bit more.

2. Read more.

This one ties in with the first one, because for me, reading is one of the great pleasures in life. But my reading has dropped to appalling levels over the last couple of years. I’m planning to fix that, and read more books next year.

3. Enjoy the places I visit more.

I went to conferences at Dallas and Houston this year, and didn’t see a whole lot more that the four walls of the conference venues. Next year a plan to spend a little more time sightseeing, and make the 25+ hours spent on planes getting over there more worthwhile!

4. Eat less.

Or maybe that should be eat wiser. Every year I vow to lose weight, and at the end of every year I find myself stuck with the same chubby body I started with.  Hoping to change that in 2008!

5. Get fitter

I’ve already gotten a head start on this one, so at least there’s going to be one item I’ll succeed with in 2008!

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