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an okay writing day...

I managed another six pages yesterday (thanks mainly to the fact that Channel Ten here in Melbourne stuffed House viewers around yet again, putting on a biggest loser special instead of House. I mean, geez, do they really want us to stopped watching the program or what?) Anyway, I’m still on the questioning scene with the scientist, and Destiny has had her big revelation about who and what she is. I’ve also explained how she can use her powers during the day, which is pretty cool because up until that point, that wasn’t something I’d actually thought about. My biggest problem at the moment is the fact that I’m not sure whether I like the whole scene or not. The scene is sort-of flowing, which doesn’t usually happen if I’m going somewhere the muse secretly thinks is ‘off’, but I’ve still got this whole ‘I don’t know’ feeling about the scene. Not that I intend to cut it right now. I’ll finish the darn book, and let it sit for a while. Then I’ll go back and see how it all hangs together–and whether this scene fits in with the story as a whole. As I’ve said before, I’m not a huge believer in doing a ton of edits–mainly because I’ve seen too many people literally edit the life out of a story. Sometimes rawness is a good thing. Sometimes it can sparkle more than polished-to-the-nth-degree prose. Which is not saying you shouldn’t edit, and shouldn’t try to present the best story that you can. It’s just saying be aware of going to far, and editing out the one thing all editors look for–your voice.

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