and the lesson for the day is...

always keep the house is tip top shape, because you just never know when the real estate guy is going to ring and say he’s bringing a buyer around–in an hour! I got such a call yesterday, and had to run around like a blue-arsed fly to tidy up the little bits and pieces. Then I had to grab the dogs and disappear. The leaping lab is not new buyer friendly (though Finn would love them to death).

Anyway, I didn’t get any writing done yesterday, but I did finish reading the Kissing Sin proofs and finally got the corrections off to Bantam. There wasn’t a whole lot of mistakes to find, just some silly typos. (well, that’s all I could find, anyways.) I’m hoping to get down to some serious writing today, with the aim of getting at least five pages done. Unless, of course, I get another phone call and have to disappear with the dogs :)

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