back home...

safe and sound in cold old Melbourne. Although it probably wouldn’t seem so cold here today if it wasn’t for the wind, which feels like it’s blowing down direct from the Antartic.

The conference is over for another year, and all I can say is, what a blast! This is the first time I was actually able to fully relax at the conference–in recent years, I was more likely to have been found helping behind the scenes. Which I loved doing, but it was nice to let someone else do all that stuff, and just sit back and watch them. :) My workshop and author chat seemed to go really well, and the bookstore (run by Rosemary’s Romance books) sold out of all my books. Which was most excellent! An additional feature this year was the Pink Breakfast, a fund raiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation. It was a huge success, raised plenty of money, and will now become a permanent feature of the conferences. Another most excellent thing!

But one of the best features of the conference was actually hanging out with Miriam and getting to know her a whole lot better. We chatted (Miriam, Mel and I–Robyn had to leave Friday evening, unfortuantly) long into the night–hence the baggies under my eyes you’ll see in the photos I’ll be posting over the coming days. It’s actually amazing what similar tastes we all have when it comes to books and movies–though I have to say, my reading knowledge is somewhat lacking. Widely read I am not, as I discovered during those conversations! :)

Anyway, back to work today–and back to writing 5 pages a day.

In the meantime, here’s the first pic:

Robyn and I escaping to the beach! And no, we didn’t have too much to drink–not then–although it does look like it in the pic :)

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