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finally got down to the serious business of editing over the weekend. My edit letter for Dangerous Games (the 4th Riley) is 10 pages long, which sounds a whole lot worse than it is. The last time I got an edit letter this long was Kissing Sin, and one of the problems with that story was too much sex. Ironically, one of the problems with DG is too little sex (and the sex that is there is with people we don’t care about). So, I have to switch that about, get rid of the ‘for the fun of it’ sex, and bring Kellen into it more. The other main problem was Gautier. He’s sort of a side plot in this one, and yet he’s not supposed to be. He’s actually supposed to be one of the major problems in this book. So, I have to switch around some plot lines, get rid of some threads that don’t actually go anywhere, and connect Gautier to the main plot more. Which means going through every single line of this book, deleting and correcting and adding. Hang on…maybe the edits are as bad as they sound! 😀

Anyway, I’ve rolled over 150 pages, have deleted 15 pages and added 19 so far, and the story already seems a whole lot tighter. There’s a long way to go yet, and it’s bum-on-seat for me for the next four days. These edits have to be out by friday, so don’t be too surprised if I don’t blog a whole lot until then.

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