Guess what? It's Six Sentence Sunday Time...

and this one’s from The Black Tide, the final book in the Outcast series.


We raced upwards, a human mass of fear and desperation. I could see neither the top end of the stairs nor daylight, but given the length of time the elevator had taken to get down to this level, that wasn’t really surprising.

Though we were tightly packed, no one was pushing. Everyone was too intent on keeping their balance and their position. But those cracks were beginning to chase us upwards, and the stink of fear, of desperation, became so fierce it filled every breath.


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Six Sentence Sunday time...

and this time, it’s from MOON SWORN, book 9 of the Riley Jenson series. An oldie but a goodie…


How do you say goodbye to a friend?

How do you say sorry I wasn’t there for you, that I wasn’t strong enough, that I should have shot the bastard when I first had the chance? How can you say those things when he’s no longer around to hear the words?

And how can you get over the grief when his body is little more than memories on the wind, and his soul long gone from this life?


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Moon Sworn from the Riley Jenson Guardian series by Keri Arthur

It's Sunday! Time for another Six Sentences Sunday post

This time, it’s not from Cursed (which came out on the 20th, and is now available to purchase from all the usual stores) but rather from Demon’s Dance, which comes out in Feb, and should be available for pre-order in Dec.


Something flared in her eyes. Something that was dark and very dangerous.

“I hope you’re not here to accuse.” Her tone hadn’t changed, but chills nevertheless raced down my spine. “Because that would be very unwise.”

I resisted the urge to rub my arms. Or, better yet, run. “I wouldn’t have come here so unprepared if I’d intended to something as stupid as that.”

A smile twitched her lips, though it didn’t ease the coldness in her eyes. “Then what is it you wish?”

Another Sunday--Another Six Sentence Sunday post

Cursed is released in two days! WOOT! I’ll be celebrating its release by giving away some books (print and E-book) over on my Reader’s Group page, so if you haven’t joined it yet, now’s your chance!

Here the linkage if you haven’t had a chance to order the book yet, and want to:

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And finally, here are another six sentences :)


Musk began to stain the air, a thick, sour scent that made me want to gag. It was so strong—so invasive—that it clung to my skin and clothes and forced me to breathe through my mouth. And as that scent got stronger, so too did the vibrations running through the earth.

“One mile away, Rennie,” I said.

He nodded and touched the halo again. “Balcor and Caracal units, stand ready. At the first sign of movement, fire, and don’t stop, or the bastards will have you.”

Facebook Giveaway...

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