Six Sentence Sunday time...

and this one is from BURN, which comes out June 11


With a deafening whoomph, the missile hit the side of the wall twenty or so feet behind the cart. Debris and heat spun through the air, pummeling the cart and tearing holes in metal and skin. The cart rocked violently, but somehow the rollers clung on, and we sped on into the darkness.

Another flash of fire. Another whoomph.

This time, the missile hit the wall just behind the cart. The force of the explosion not only blew apart a massive section of mountain but sent the cart tumbling end over end


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Six Sentence Sunday time...

This time, it’s a blast from the past…


All I could smell was blood.

Blood that was thick and ripe.

Blood that plastered my body, itching at my skin.

I stirred, groaning softly as I rolled onto my back. Other sensations began to creep through the fog encasing my mind. The chill of the stones that pressed against my spine. The gentle patter of moisture against bare skin. The stench of rubbish left sitting too long in the sun. And underneath it all, the aroma of raw meat.


Kissing Sin (US) by Keri Arthur (Riley Jenson Guardian series)

Six Sentence Sunday Time!

This time, it’s from the upcoming BURN, book 3 of the Kingdoms of Earth & Air series, which is now available for pre-order (Kobo link coming soon)

Also, Happy Easter!


High above us, perched on an outcrop of rock that jutted out from the otherwise sheer sides of the mountain, was a drakkon. Her leathery wings were outstretched, dwarfing her body, the membrane between the four main phalanges glowing gold. Her long tail draped down the rock face like liquid fire, and her broad head was raised as she called in the arrival of night.

But as her haunting cry echoed around us once more, I noticed the figure standing beside her.

Shock coursed through me and I stopped abruptly.

No, I thought. No.


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Six Sentence Sunday...

This time, it’s from CURSED, which recently won ARRA’s Best Scifi, Fantasy or Dystopian Romance :)


I closed my eyes. Felt the turbulent air caress my skin, as if in encouragement.

Felt the pounding of the earth under my feet, an impatient heartbeat that silently begged me to get on with it. To reconnect.

I could do this.

I had to do this.

I took a deep breath and released it slowly. Then, very softly, I said, “Bracelets, unlock.”


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Six Sentence Sunday

This time, something slightly newer–a teaser from The Black Tide, the final book of The Outcast Series:


One bullet caught my leg and sent me stumbling, but I somehow retained balance and jagged sideways, running to the right and around the outer ring of the antechamber rather than directly across it. Bullets pinged off the walls, floors, and ceiling, deadly missiles that came very close but didn’t hit. The noise of all the gunfire was deafening but the soldiers themselves were quiet.

As was the child. She just gripped my shirt fiercely, as if intent on hanging on no matter what happened next.


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