May Deal News

Wicked Wings is a .99cent Kindle Special Deal for May!

Sadly, it’s only available only for US & Canadian readers.

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Audiobook Deal News


For those who like their audiobooks, the first 3 Lizzie Grace audiobooks are on sale directly from my new store over at Authors Direct for the special price of US $8.99 (we’re cutting out the middle man)  

You do need the Authors Direct APP to download and listen, though it’s free and available for both IOS and Android.

Check out the shop here!

Six Sentence Sunday...

This time, it’s a snippet from Deadly Vows (Lizzie 6) which is now available for pre-order!


“You don’t miss much.”

“I cannot afford to, young Elizabeth.” She studied me for a moment, her expression giving little away. “Do not forget that I am in your debt—and that is a situation with which I am never comfortable. Not for long. If you desire any help getting this witch out of your life, then I would be more than happy to oblige.”

And if that isn’t a threat wrapped up in an offer of assistance, I don’t know what is, Belle said


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Blackbird Rising is now available!

Blackbird Rising–my modern-day fantasy take on the King Arthur legend–has been released!


Here’s the blurb:

For hundreds of years, the Witch King’s sword has been buried in stone awaiting the next hand to draw it.

Many have tried. None have succeeded.

Gwen is the last in a long line of De Montfort witches whose duty it is to protect the sword of all power. But when she returns to King Island to perform the blessing, a mysterious pulse of blue light tells her that someone has attempted to draw the sword. Before she can investigate any further, demons attack. She only survives with the help of a mysterious stranger who disappears as quickly as he appears. 

Gwen and her grandmother, Moscelyne, soon discover that minor gateways into Darkside—the traditional home of both demons and dark elves—are being forced open by magic.  Even worse, someone is now sending demons after the Witch King’s heirs.

As vital artifacts are stolen by Darkside and the deaths draw altogether too close to home, Gwen and Mo—with the help of old gods and an ancient order of knights once thought dead—scramble to unravel the clues and stop the murderous would-be king from claiming the crown.

If they fail and the wrong hand draws the sword of power, he can unlock the main gateway into Darkside and unleash utter hell onto an unsuspecting and unprepared England….

And here’s some linkage:

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Six Sentence Sunday time...

And it’s another Blackbird Rising teaser because the book is out TOMORROW!

In this teaser, we get our first glimpse of our hero…


He leaned against the bathroom doorframe, his arms crossed and his pose casual. The sword that had so swiftly dispatched the dark elf was nowhere to be seen, though the slightest shimmer near his left shoulder suggested it was now sheathed across his back—a position historians had spent centuries saying was illogical, as it was all but impossible to draw a long sword held in such a position. Unless, of course, you had gorilla arms, and the stranger certainly didn’t.

They were, however, very well muscled, a point emphasized by the somewhat bloody material of his shirt being stretched to breaking point around the bicep area.

The rest of him wasn’t exactly shabby, either.


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