Six Sentence Sunday yet again...

Another Sunday, another six sentences–this time from The Black Tide.  :)

Jonas says hurry, Cat said.

I pulled the guard out of the doorway, let the door shut, and then once again destroyed the control panel. After I’d stripped the guard of his weapons, I asked Cat to gather whatever she could carry from the other two, and then staggered toward the hauler. I barely made it up the ramp before I collapsed.

“Rhea help us,” Jonas muttered, with a quick, concerned glance at me.


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Cursed now available for pre-order...

Cursed, book 2 of the Kingdoms of Earth and Air series, is now up for pre-order at almost all the usual places (iBooks is, as usual, taking FOREVER but I will add it as it comes through)

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Six Sentence Sunday...

Yep, it’s that time of the week again. This time, I’m plucking six from an oldie but a goodie  :)

How do you say goodbye to a friend?

How do you say sorry I wasn’t there for you, that I wasn’t strong enough, that I should have shot the bastard when I first had the chance? How can you say those things when he’s no longer around to hear the words?

And how can you get over the grief when his body is little more than memories on the wind, and his soul long gone from this life?


The snippet is, as you’ve no doubt guessed from the cover posted below, from Moon Sworn, book 9 of the Riley Jenson, Guardian series. Here’s some linkage if you’re interested!

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Moon Sworn (UK/AU) by Keri Arthur (Riley Jenson Guardian series)

Cursed Cover Reveal!

I can finally reveal the totally AWESOME cover for Cursed, book 2 of the Kingdoms of Earth & Air series…

Cursed comes out in Nov 2018. Stayed tuned for pre-order details…

Another Six Sentence Sunday Post...

Heading back to Hunter Hunted (Lizzie Grace 3) this time…

Once we’d both placed our food order, he leaned across the table and caught my hands in the warmth of his. The seriousness in his expression had my pulse racing again, but this time for all the wrong reasons.

“Before we go any further,” he said softly. “There’s something you need to know.”

I briefly closed my eyes and knew without him saying another word that this was it. That the next few seconds would be make or break for Belle’s and my hopes of having a long and happy life within this reservation

The council had finally come to a decision about us…


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