Apple's 'What to Read' recommendation

Wicked WIngs made it onto Apple’s ‘What to Read’ list this month–woot! It’s my first one, so you’ll have to excuse the excitement. :)

If you’d like to check it out, head on over to Apple. The link may only work for Australia and New Zealand–it might not resolve properly for other countries.

It's Six Sentence Sunday time again...

And this time, we’re stepping back into the past…


She couldn’t be dead. She couldn’t. I’d survived, and she was stronger–tougher–than me. How could she die? How could that be possible?

And then I saw something else.

Bright sunlight.

Dawn had well and truly passed.

That’s why my rescuer had been so vague about Rainey. They couldn’t find her. And no matter how much they looked, they would never would. The flesh of a dead dragon incinerated at the first touch of sunrise.


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Mercy Burns from Myth and Magic series by Keri Arthur  Mercy Burns (UK/AU) by Keri Arthur (Myth and Magic series)

Six Sentence Sunday time!

And yep, it’s another teaser from Wicked Wings :)


It didn’t take us long to drive to the location of the tree cave, but getting through the forest with any speed with Monty on crutches wasn’t easy. At least this time he avoided falling over.

When we did finally reach the clearing, Ashworth said, “Interesting spell.”

I glanced at him sharply. “Why? It’s a simple trigger spell.”

“There’s nothing simple about that. Not when the wild magic is present and concealing it.”

I frowned. “How can wild magic conceal a spell? It can’t act without direction…”

My voice faded. Except that some of it had, ever since Katie’s soul had become a part of it.


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Six Sentence Sunday time...

And this time, we’re back to Wicked Wings, which is now available for pre-order!


I picked up one of the larger feathers, being careful not to touch any of the blood staining the striped quills. For several seconds I simply stared at it; then I opened the psychic gates and reached.

Images came. Clouds above me, trees below, juveniles on either side, wing tip to wing tip. Hunger stirring, sharp eyes scanning. Movement. Prey. We swoop lower, skimming past leaves and branches, silently approaching. The prey senses us, starts to run. Too late. Far too late…


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ARRA book signing news and 20 chances to win a ticket!

Tickets for the signing will go on sale in October, but ARRA are kicking things off with their Ticketpaloosa Competition — an opportunity for readers to win a general entry ticket in their state (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide–tickets for the Brisbane event will be free). There are five tickets in each city up for grabs. To enter, just head on over here!