Six Sentence Sunday...

Seeing Hunter Hunted has just come out, this time I’m giving you a little snippet from Demon’s Dance, the 4th book in the Lizzie Grace series (note — this is totally unedited) …

Something flickered through his blue eyes—annoyance or disappointment, or maybe even both—but all he said was, “If it’s not a vampire, then what else could it be?”

“There’s all manner of supernatural beasties that don’t mind taking a bite or two out of humans.” I paused, then in an attempt to lighten the mood, added, “and apparently a few werewolves who don’t mind the odd nip or two, either.”

And here’s some linkage for Hunter Hunted, just in case you need it  :) 

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Six Sentence Sunday...

Yep, you guessed it…it’s from Hunter Hunted, which comes out on Tuesday (14th)…

There’s no need for a circle this strong, Belle commented. We’re only dealing with a pissed-off ghost, not a demonic spirit.

I suspect it might be something of a magical one-finger salute aimed at our heretic witch.

Belle’s chuckle ran warmly through my thoughts. Are you sure your great-grandfather didn’t share his DNA with the Ashworths? Because he really could be your grandfather’s much younger brother.


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The latest book news...

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The main news, however, is the upcoming release of Hunter Hunted. It’s out on the 14th–only 6 days away!


Six Sentence Sunday

As the header implies, welcome to my first Six Sentence Sunday. This brief teaser is bought to you by Hunter Hunted, the 3rd book in the Lizzie Grace series. It’s out Aug 14th, but available for pre-order now… 

I parked in the first available spot then ran toward the apartment. Jaz swung around and held up her hands. “Whoa, Liz, this is a crime scene. You can’t go in there.”

“Are they… is he?” I somehow managed to get out as I slid to a stop.

“No one’s dead except the shooter, so you can relax.”

I didn’t. Not immediately. “Then why are there so many ambulances here?”

“Because Aiden made a code nine call—”


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