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well, my writing has fallen somewhat into a hole again. I tell you, getting up at four in the morning to take the piddler outside is not making my muse a happy gal. I wrote two pages on Thurday, a whole eight on Friday and, because I was feeling guilty, decided I’d better write on the weekend (my ‘official’ days off). But I didn’t write anything yesterday. So, I’ve crawled up to 392 pages completed, and while I’ve been slack, at least I’m still on target for finishing this book at the end of the week. I think my biggest problem (aside from the piddler piddling everywhere) is the fact that the scene I still have to write is the big fight scene between Gautier and Riley. As I mentioned before, I’ve been working up to this for three books, so it needs to be good. Part of me is worried that I just won’t be able to do it justice. Of course, not getting words down on the page is probably worse, because I can’t fix something that is not there. Hopefully, I’ll work through my stage fright sometime today, and get the damn thing written.

Onto something more exciting–my hardcovers arrived in the mail today! They look absolutely smashing. Just love the cover, love the feel of them, love the smell of them…what, you don’t sniff new books? You don’t know what you’re missing out on! 😀

In movie news, Pete and I trundled off to see King Kong yesterday (yes, yes, it’s one of the reasons I didn’t write 🙂 How good was that monkey? Man, those eyes were just incrediable You could just see all sorts of emotion and life in the monkeys eyes, and you (well, I ) totally believed them. Now, Jack Black was another matter. I like JB as an actor, but he just seemed off in this one. More cartoonish than believable. Totally didn’t have a problem with the length of the movie, though I will say it’s not a movie I’ll watch over and over again. (unlike LOTR). Oh, and for those who know my penchant for crying at movies….it was a three tissue deal. Yep, it’s a bad one.

Oh, and channel 10 here in Oz is finally showing the TV series Supernatural. I’m loving the look of this already. It’s seems to be a mix of x-files and buffy (both shows I adored) and though it’s aimed primarily at the teenage market, there’s enough creepiness and humour to satisfy most adults. (well, this adult loved it. Interestingly, even Pete enjoyed it, and he’s not one to watch those sort of shows, generally). And for those who like a little bit of eye candy with their scary viewing, can I just say that the older brother–Dean–is particularily fine 😀 If you didn’t catch this last night, Ten are reshowing the first episode on Wednesday night. Catch it if you missed it, because while the first one is good, word is that it gets a whole lot better over the coming weeks.

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