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Blackbird Broken is now available everywhere!

Yep, book 2 of The WItch King’s Crown series is now out! And it’s been getting some fab reviews  :) 

BLACKBIRD BROKEN will have your heart in your throat from the beginning to the end. And when you come to the last word I guarantee you will want more! Annetta Sweetco, Fresh Fiction

If you are a fan of Arthurian myth, this series is definitely a worthy contender. Arthur hooks you and takes you for an intriguing ride filled with dark elves, myth and legend. Lisa, Goodreads 

A page-turner from start to finish… Ali, Amazon.


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Wicked Wings Audio now available!

As the title says, Wicked Wings is now available in Audiobook format!


Of course, it’s currently NOT available through Amazon & Audible, because Amazon (who owns Audible) is playing their usual games and taking between one and six months to load audiobooks up (who knows why). If you’re desperate for the next chapter in the Lizzie Grace series, I suggest using one of the other retailers (links below). Or, better yet, buy the audiobooks direct from my store at Authors Direct and get them MUCH CHEAPER!

Keri’s Author Direct Store

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Unlit Recover

I decided to recover UNLIT so that it not only matched the other two books in the Kingdoms of Earth and Air series–CURSED and BURN–better, but also reflected the futuristic military fantasy elements in the story. The new cover has been loaded up onto all the usual stores, so if you’ve already purchased the book and want the new cover, just do a refresh in a day or so.

I think she looks bad-ass!


Reminder--Blackbird Broken is up for pre-order!

The release date is Oct 26, 2020. Here’s the blurb and links  :)

On the darkest day, in the darkest hour, when all hope has been extinguished, a hand will draw the one true sword, and a lost throne shall be reclaimed…

Generations of De Montfort women have protected the sword in the stone. Gwen is the last of them, following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Moscelyne.

But the sword has now been drawn, and the new Witch King may well be working with Darkside.

Now the race is on to find the missing artifacts that will stop the king accessing the full power of the sword. But as the attacks escalate and the fractured clues of history are slowly pieced together, Gwen, Mo, and Luc Durant—the motorbike-riding warrior from an ancient order of knights—quickly realize all is not as it seems. Worse still, the true source of the plot to unleash Darkside and restore witch rule is far closer to home than any had guessed.

But as new prophecies rise, and the truth of the sword in the stone becomes clear, another race begins.

One that will end with a crown, a throne, and the fate of all England as its prize.


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