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Six Sentence Sunday

Another oldie but a goodie:

The house still smelled of death.

Two months had passed since Mom’s murder, but the air still echoed with her agony and I knew if I breathed deep enough, I’d catch the hint of old blood.

But at least there were no visible reminders. The Directorate’s clean-up team had done a good job of removing the evidence.


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Darkness Rising from the Dark Angel series by Keri Arthur  Darkness Rising (UK) by Keri Arthur (Dark Angel series)

Just a reminder!

I’m taking part in ARRA’s 2019 first multi-city, multi-author Romantic Rendezvous book signing event! These events will be held over the last two weekends in March:

  • Brisbane, Saturday 23 March
  • Sydney, Sunday 24 March
  • Melbourne, Saturday 30 March
  • Perth, Sunday 31 March

Ticket sales are closing soon, so don’t miss out!

For more information about attending authors and to buy tickets, click the image below  :) 

Yet another Six Sentence Sunday post!

And for this one, we’re traveling way, way back into the distant past…and the very first book I ever had published (19 years ago now!).



The shout reverberated through her. She bit back a cry of terror. He was after her. She had to keep running.

Stop! Nikki, watch it . . .

A screech of tires filled her ears. Too late she became aware of the road, the traffic and the red car.

She tried to dodge, but the car hit her. And oblivion swept in as agony exploded.


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 Dancing with the Devil (AU) by Keri Arthur (The Nikki and Michael series)

Six Sentence Sunday time...

It’s amazing how fast these Sundays roll around! This time, we have something more recent…a teaser from UNLIT, book 1 of the Kingdoms of Earth & Air series


I ducked under the blow of a soldier, and barely avoided the desperate attempts of two others. Rain-slicked skin helped, but for how much longer?

The wind didn’t reply. Instead, she amplified a sound that chilled my heart—a male voice ordering weapons to be fired.

They’d kill me rather than let me get any farther along this wall.

It left me with little choice. I took two steps and leapt high over the parapet.

And hoped like hell the wind kept her promise.


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Six Sentence Sunday time...

And, just for something different, here’s an oldie but a goodie…


I scanned the immediate area, then what walls were visible beyond it, seeing nothing out of place. Yet I couldn’t escape the sensation we were about to walk into danger.

I stopped.

It was then I smelled him.

A vampire, stepping up behind me.

I spun and lashed out with a stiffened hand. He caught it hard and fast, amusement flashing across his thin lips. Or maybe that was contempt. Hard to tell sometimes with suckers.


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