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First Review!

Full Moon Rising has its first review! And it’s a good one — 9 out of 10. I’m amazed you…

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more muse musings

You know, it occured to me yesterday, while I was gadding about reading emails, playing games, and generally avoiding writing…

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excuses and reluctant muses

It’s amazing how many ways there are to avoid writing when you don’t really feel like it. There’s emails to…

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A New Baby

Congrats to my friend, Diane, whose mare gave birth to the cutest little buckskin filly yesterday. It’s her first one…

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My first spam

I feel so special…I just got my first spam comment :DTo stop this becoming a regular event, I’ve had to…

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The beast is completed

I’ve finally finished the Penumbra galley, and boy, am I ever glad to see the back of this story. Don’t…

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