cover ideas

This is the 3rd in the Kingdoms series, so needs to match the set-out of Unlit and Cursed.

Title: Ice

the heroine in this one is a dragon rider who’s also a fire witch. She’s been ‘bleached’ by the magic in a sphere that held her captive for a couple of hundred years, and is described as white skin with short white hair that has a bluish tinge. 

Her uniform is gold leather with red stitching highlights. (basically the opposite of the 3rd pic down; ignore the elf ears–hers are normal ones :)

The dragons are red, with gold membrane in their wings.

I thought perhaps we could have her walking toward the reader this time, maybe with fire in her fist/rolling up her arm, and a dragon in the background, but if you have a better idea, happy to go with it


here’s some images