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Aussie Speak

A translation for all those who don’t understand the Aussie way of speaking.


biscuit – cookie

dry biscuit – cracker

lollies – candy (not chocolate)

scone – biscuit

jam – jelly

jelly – jello

hot chips – fries

tomato sauce – ketchup

entree – appetizer

main course – entree

tea – dinner

serviette – napkin

packed lunch – boxed lunch

pikelet – drop scone

spud – potato

beetroot – pickled beet

lemonade – 7Up (kind of — lemonade has lemon in it)


car bonnet – car hood

boot – trunk

mud guard – fender

windscreen – windshield

petrol – gas

car park – parking lot

lorry – big rig

overtake – pass


bathers/togs – swimsuit

bottle shop – liquor store

docket – receipt

fairy floss – cotton candy

flywire – flyscreen

g’day – hello

icy pole – popsicle

thongs – flip-flops

trackie daks – track suit bottoms

unit – apartment

beanie – ski hat

jumper – sweater

footpath – sidewalk

lounge room – sitting/living room

lane – alley

tap – faucet

singlet – tank top

chemist – drug store

tick off – check off

polo neck – turtleneck

whole meal (bread) – whole wheat

biro – pen

shop – store

lift – elevator


a fruit cake – mentally unstable

a bit iffy – not quite right

ace – excellent

amber fluid – beer

ankle biter – young kid

arse about face – wrong way around

aussie salute – brushing flies away

back of bourke – middle of nowhere

battler – someone who works hard for little money

better half – your wife or hubbie

banged up – pregnant

barbie – barbeque

bingle – motor vehicle accident

bloke – man

bludger – lazy person

booze bus – police bus used to catch drunk drivers

bugger off – impolite way of saying “go away”

buggered off – gone away

bum nuts – eggs

cactus – not functioning

cheese & kisses – missus/wife

chunder – vomit

chook – chicken

old chook – old lady

codswallop – a lot of nonsense, a lie

cop it sweet – take what’s coming to you

cow juice – milk

crook – sick or badly made

crack onto – to chat up or hit on someone (romantically)

cream (verb) – defeat by large margin

cut lunch – sandwiches

daks – trousers/pants

dead horse – tomato sauce

dill – idiot

dinky-di – the real thing

dipstick – idiot

doodah – something you don’t know the name of

dunny – outside toilet

earn a quid – earn money

galah – idiot

grog – beer

fanny – female parts (not the bum)

fart-arse around – not getting the job done

full as a goog – drunk

get knotted – angry way of saying “get lost”

going for a piss – going to the toilet (man talk)

hard yakka – hard work

hit the sack – going to bed

hoon – a show off (young male/big car)

hoo-roo – goodbye

idiot box – tv

knackers – testicles

knackered – tired, unworkable

knickers – ladies underwear

knock off – finish work, counterfeit product, or to steal

knocked up – pregnant

lashing out – spending spree or abusing someone physically or verbally

lob in – arriving unannounced

(a good) lurk – something illegal going on

mate – friend

moolah – money

mozzie – mosquito

noggin – head

no worries – no problems

no sweat – no worries

not the full quid – low IQ

not worth a crumpet – worth nothing

nuddy – nude

nut out – work out

off his face – drunk

once over – check something out

pash – long kiss

perv – lustfully looking at someone

pigs bum – that’s wrong/incorrect

pissed as a parrot – drunk

pissed off – angry at someone/something

postie – mailman/postman

rack off – get lost

ripper – great, fantastic

rock up – to turn up or arrive

road train – big truck with many trailers

sacked – fired from work

shonky – dubious, underhanded

shoot through – to leave

shout – to buy a round of drinks

slab – a carton of beer (24 cans/bottles)

smoko – smoke or coffee break

snag – sausage

stubby – a 375ml bottle of beer

stubby holder – a sleeve or cylinder designed to hold a stubby

stuffed – tired

I’ll be stuffed – expression of surprise

can’t be stuffed – can’t be bothered

sunnies – sunglasses

tee-up – set up

tin lid – kid

the good oil – to tell the truth

tucker – food

veg out – relax

uni – university

underdaks – underpants

throw a wobbly – complain/excitable behavior

got a wog – got a cold/flu

yobbo – uncouth person

you’re game – you’re brave

wanker – someone who is really stupid but thinks they’re great

wedding tackle – male bits

white pointers – ladies sunbathing topless

write-off – car that has been totaled

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