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if you’re a writer and thinking about going the e-publishing route, there’s a really interesting discussion going on over at Dear Author. The two Ja(y)nes, with a little help from Angie of Samhain, have provided a list of things to look out for when considering an offer from an e-publisher or small press. And read the comments below it, because some of them are really insightful.

Writing wise, not a whole lot has been happening. I couldn’t concentrate on Saturday–it just felt too stuffy inside–so I took myself out with the alphie into the sunshine and managed to get five pages done. I don’t think they’re brilliant, but this is not only first draft, but the first chapter, and I’m still feeling my way into the character. Yesterday was father’s day, so not much was done, and today I was running around seeing doctors and making appointments for the annual check-up. I’ll probably start editing The Darkest Kiss tomorrow, simply because I want to get it off to Miriam by the end of the week. Kiss needs to be handed over to Bantam by the end of the month, so I need to leave Miriam time enough to read it, and me time enough to correct the mistakes she’ll probably find. :)

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