house stuff and writing...

I actually wrote yesterday. Yes, I’m surprised. With all the mess going on at the moment with house contracts, arranging pest and building inspections, cleaning, and chasing banks that appear to have lost cheques (bastards!), it’s really amazing that I could actually sit down and concentrate enough to write. And today will probably be no better. I have to go into the bank to chase the above mention missing cheque, as well as get the deposit cheque for the new house. And I hate having to go into banks at the best of times–it’s like stepping through a time warp and going back to school. They make us stand in orderly little lines, and we can only go up to the teller when the number is called. Customer service? I’m sure most banks have no idea what that is these days. It’s all about money and them making loads of it (which I have no problem with until they start lose mine!) Amazingly enough, I also had time to read through some more of the Kissing Sin proofs, and I’m currently about a quarter of the way through that. With any sort of luck, I’ll get the majority of that finished this week, meaning I can send off any corrections next week, and get back to writing Destiny as well as the fifth Riley. Until the next lot of edits or proofs come in, anyway.

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