impossible targets...

the problem with setting yourself impossible targets is that you know from the beginning they’re impossible. Therefore, you’re basically setting yourself up for defeat from the word go. I did that this past week. I decided I was going to write nearly 50 pages, with the aim of hitting the 300 page mark by this morning. Now, logically speaking, the target was more than doable. 50 pages was only ten pages a day, and I have done that in the past. I just haven’t done it recently, and that’s the problem. Plus, the scene I was writing towards was the death scene with Destiny’s dad, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle it. I mean, I didn’t want it too sappy, but it’s a death scene, you know? Sappy and teary tends to go with these things.

So, I didn’t hit my impossible target. I did manage 30 pages, which is the figure I try and hit most weeks. It’s also one I haven’t reached for a while, so I guess that’s something. I’ve just finished the death scene with her dad, and now have to get her and Trae (our hero) to Scotland to rescue her mum. Which means I also have to find someway to connect up to the end scenes I’ve already written. Could be interesting!

In doggie news this week, the fluffy one (aka Finn) has had the chop and is currently not speaking to me. At all. Very unimpressed with the whole process, he is. Of course, it doesn’t help that he’s wearing a bucket around his head for the next eight days to stop him tearing at his stitches. (Because his boy bits were up in his tummy rather than on the outside where they should have been, his operation was somewhat more complicated) He can’t get through the dog door thanks to the bucket, so we’re having to either leave a door open or constantly get up and down to open it when he wants to go out. And he wants to go in and out a lot. I think it’s his revenge for the snip and the bucket.

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