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of writing, now that all the good news is a few days old. Not that the silly grinning has stopped yet–I mean, it’s not everyday an aussie gal gets to hit the New York Times extended (except if your name is Stephanie Laurens. And if I ever get to be half as successful as Stephanie, I’ll be one happy lady.) Anyway, I managed to finish the first chapter of The Taste of Death on Saturday (which sounds better than it was–I only had to write one page to finish it 😉 ) and I did my required five pages yesterday. So,TToD now totals a whole 31 pages, and I’m slowly getting into the main story. I have to say, this one is starting out a whole lot more light-hearted than the others, which is somewhat surprising considering the way book five finished (and yep, that’s a tease, and no, I can’t say anything more). But I don’t think the book will remain that way–the focus is off Riley’s lovelife a little in this one, and is shining Rhoan’s way–and the result is not going to be nice. Well, that’s the plan at this stage, anyway. Given the book is only 31 pages in, anything could yet happen.

And here’s another pic for you. This one is of the lulus out celebrating my good news on Saturday night. We’re minus one in this–Chris had a wedding to attend. Missed you, Chris! On the left, there’s me and Carolyn. On the right, there’s Mel, another of Miriam’s (aka the super agent) clients, with Freya next, and Robyn at the back. As you can tell by our faces, a good time was had by all 😀

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