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writing. Of which I actually did a whole lot of this weekend. We’re talking a serious 32 pages here in two and a bit days (counting Friday night)–and considering one of those days I was off having lunch with a couple of friends, that’s not a bad effort. Especially when you remember that having lunch with friends always means gone all day :P . Only trouble is, those 32 pages were not on the 5th Riley, but a short story I had an idea for. I don’t actually write many shorts–I tend to get all caught up in the story and the characters, and my shorts usually ends up long. I think the shortest I’ve ever written is a 50 000 word novelette that ImaJinn has for release sometime in the future. (Can’t give you a date, because I haven’t got one.) The short has the working title To Die For, and it’s about a werewolf and wolf shifter who work for a Preternatural Investigations agency. It’s fun, and sexy, and the hero is, well, to die for :). Not sure whether this will find a home or not, but I’ve had a blast writing it. I’m hoping to finish it while the ‘urge’ is there, then I’ll get back to my galleys and writing Riley 5.

In other news, Bantam sent me some copies of their latest promotional booklet, and it looks absolutely fabulous! I actually thought I’d give a couple of signed copies away, along with some Tim Tams and other aussie goodies–like Riley’s favourite chocolate–on my website, so keep an eye out for that. I also received the ARC’s for FMR and Kissing Sin, and I just can’t keep the silly grin off my face. I know the hardcover of FMR has been out for a while–and it still amazes me that one of my books made it into hardcover–but I’m a paperback reader from way back, and I love, love, love them. And to sit there and hold my two books…it’s an amazing feeling. The best in the world. (well, aside from giving birth to my pretty little girl…who’s not so little any more!)

And finally, the fatty known as the leaping lab is much better thanks to the jab she received at the vets last week. Which more than likely means arthritis. We take her back this week, and she’ll probably start a course of injections that’ll help ease the pain a little more. At least she’s her more fiesty self these days–though we are hoping her fence leaping days are over. As for the fluffy eating maching known as Finn, he’s also on a diet, though a milder one, because he’s only a kilo or so over his ideal weight. Anyone would think we were trying to kill him. He’s an actor and a half, that one. When I get some decent pics of the pair of them, I’ll put them up on my site :)

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