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I got the contract for the above UK anthology the other day, so the muse decided it had better start finishing the story. I think I told you about this one a while ago…it’s set in Riley’s world, but it’s told from Quinn’s point of view. At this stage, Kellen is also (briefly) mentioned, and it’s set sometime between the third and fourth books. I’d already written about half of the story before the contracts came, but it came to a stop simply because I couldn’t think of a suitable bad guy to use.

That changed yesterday, when I suddenly thought of the Chameleons I’d mentioned in Tempting Evil. Remember they had kits? Well, the muse (for no reason at all that I can think of–I mean, I wasn’t rereading the book or even thinking about it) suddenly latched on to that, and thought, hey, what if the Chameleons weren’t all killed in the Directorate clean-up of Starr’s labs? What if one of them escaped and is now seeking vengeance?

With that thought, we had our bad guy, and the muse leapt into action (and here I was thinking she’d slacked off for Christmas). The upshot of all that is that I wrote 6 pages yesterday, and I’m hoping to have the story finished by the end of the week. Then I’ll let it sit for a while, before I re-edit and send it on to Miriam to make sure it’s okay. I’m not entirely sure Kellen will stay in this story–I guess it just depends how the word count goes. If it’s over, he’s out. He’s not vital to the story–he’s basically just there to add a little tension 🙂

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