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miracles do happen...and a good review

It probably didn’t even rate a mention in overseas news, but last week here in Australia (on the 25th), a small tremor hit the town of Beaconsfield, near Launceston in Tasmania, causing a rock fall down in the Beaconsfield Gold Mine shaft. Most got out, but three men were trapped nearly a kilometre underground. A rescue plan swung into action, but after several days of digging, the body of one of the men was found. And though everyone was hoping for a miracle, just about everyone had admitted there was little hope for the other two men.

Well, last night, five days after the tremor and rockfall, the two remaining men were found alive. They had no food, and had been licking the water running down the rocks to survive, but they’re alive. And asking about the footy results (you’ve got to be an aussie to understand the humor in that!) Amazing stuff. Of course, they’re not out of the woods yet. The mine operators reckon it could take up to another 48 hours to to dig a hole big enough to get the men out, but they’re being passed water and food, and seem to be in good spirits.

It just goes to show that miracles do happen and that you should never give up hope, no matter what. And I’m so glad for everyone involved that a miracle is happening here. I just wish lady luck had stretched her fingers that little bit more to encompass the third man…

In writing news, I got another fantastic review for Full Moon Rising–this time from All About Romance. And they gave me ‘desert island keeper’ status! 😀 Amazing stuff. If you’d like to check out the full review, click here.

Got the edits in for Tempting Evil–the third Riley book–on Friday, so I’ve been busy doing that. Just gotta do a final read through today, and I should be able to get back to writing Destiny. Hopefully tomorrow.

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