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Riley 5 has a new title. The working title was Dead Man’s Revenge, but my editor and agent thought it sounded too much like the current pirates movie. Which I guess it does–I just didn’t actually think about that when I wrote the beginnings of the fifth book earlier this year. The new title is Embraced by Darkness. Which was my favourite of all the suggestions I sent in, and totally suits the story line. Mind you, Dead Man’s Revenge did too, but it’s not quite as sexy. And while I’m here–a big thanks to Mel and Caroline for throwing suggestions into the ring and helping me come up with ideas!

On the writing front, I’m basically sticking to my schedule and chugging along. Some days I only do two or three pages, some days I do ten, so overall, it averages out to the five or six pages a day I’m aiming for. But this story has totally changed from what I’d imagined all those months ago when I first started it. Originally, I was going to base the story around a Thuggee cult. The Thuggees were an Indian cult devoted to Kali, the goddess of death and destruction, and for hundreds of years they practiced large-scale robbery and murder of travellers. But the muse has warped the original idea into something far more simple–revenge–so I guess the Thuggee story will have to wait for another day. Which is probably for the best, considering book four also deals with ancient Gods. Don’t want a theme to be happening here ;)

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