New York update #1

Well, I’ve been here since midnight Saturday, and jet lag hit with a vengeance last night. Was wide awake until 5am, at which time I crashed for a whole three hours. It’s now 11pm, and I’m wide awake again. It bloody well sucks. At least I have a week to get conference sensible.

We did a whole heap of shopping yesterday (Sunday) and today we did a 5 hour tour of New York sights. There’s lots of places we’ll go back and visit, but this was a good primer (plus, didn’t have to think too hard about getting around–we were just told. A bonus when jet lagged)

Here’s some pics from today:

Ellis island from a boat

The Empire State Building seen from a boat

The flat iron building


The new tower rising from the site of Twin Tower 1

New York from a boat

Trinity Church

St Patrick’s Cathedral

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