New York update #3

But first, some shoe pics! Yes, as everyone who follows me on facebook and Twitter knows, I have been shoe shopping. We went to Aerosoles the day after we arrived, and headed for the amazing Fluevog yesterday. The first two are Fluevog, the third Aerosoles.

and now, back to your regularly scheduled blog…

We didn’t go to Central Park today because they were predicting thunderstorms (which finally hit about 7pm, just as we were trying to find a place to eat. We were soaked within 30 seconds. Man, when it rains here, it really buckets down!). Instead we stuck within reasonable walking distance to the hotel. First stop, the New York Library:

I’m off to meet with my NAL editor Danielle tomorrow, and I won’t be lugging my camera with me. So, I’ll post the rest of today’s pics tomorrow :)

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