no writing, just lots of house stuff...

Man, did we ever have some crap in this house. Seriously. How can three people collect so much junk in the space of 12 years? Beats me, but we sure as hell did. We’ve spent the last four days cleaning up, and after numerous trips to the storage locker, as well as several car and trailer loads to the tip, we finally have achieved the impossible–a tidy house. Just don’t go looking in the kitchen cupboards, because I have not got that far yet. But you know you’ve done a great job when the real estate guy walks into the study and goes, “whoa! this is a big room!” :)

The house officially goes on the market next week, but we have our first house viewing this Thursday. Hopefully, that’s a good sign, and the house will sell fast. Don’t want to be paying the bank more interest on the bridging loan than we need to. :P

Of course, with all the cleaning that’s been going on, absolutely nothing has happened on the writing front. I’m hoping to finish proof reading Kissing Sin some time in the next day or so, and maybe get a bit more of Riley 5 done. But until we totally finish the clean-up, writing time is a bit up in the air.

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