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NY Times bestseller...

The Darkest Kiss has hit the New York Times best seller list (May 18th version) at number 16! Woohoo! Once again, I’d just like to thank everyone who ran out and bought the book–I literally couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

In other writing news–I have ARC’s for Destiny Kills. Only two, but I’ll be giving away one of them on my site once I finish the current round of give aways, so keep an eye open for that one.

Mercy Burns news–this book (which is the sequel to Destiny Kills) continues to plod along. The plot is slowly becoming tighter although I still think the current section is a bit talky-talky. Still, it’s words on page, so I’m not going to worry about it too much until I get all the words on the page, and I have a whole book to consider and edit. The hero in this one is a bit harder to pin down though–he’s supposed to be all dark and broody, but he keeps giving me these flashes of cheekiness. Which doesn’t exactly go with the dark and broody profile. I’m not sure if all of these will remain through the edit stage, but it does make him fun to work with 🙂

Mercy Burns progress meter:


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