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Q&A and other stuff...

Diana McCabe over at the Paranormal Romance blog has just posted a Q & A with me, so head on over there if you’re interested in reading some answers about Riley’s series.

In other news….there’s not a whole lot. My lovely agent sent me some beautiful roses in a vase for hitting the Times list, but I wasn’t quick enough to take a photo and now I’m afraid they’re looking a bit sad, thanks to the heat of the last few days. At least I’ll have the vase as a momento.  🙂

Writing wise, the going has been slow. I’m trying to write a sex scene, and the muse, she’s just not interested. Part of me thinks I should skip ahead to the next scene and come back to the sex later, but I’ve never been able to write like that and really don’t think it’d work now. So, I struggle on. I’m almost half way through the book now, but if the struggle continues, I can’t see me getting it finished by Christmas like I want to.

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