slow progress...

on the writing front. Though at least I can say there is some progress. Wasn’t sure there would be any for a while there. I’ve crawled up to 62 pages completed, and already this story has taken a severe turn from what I’d imagined. At the end of Dangerous Games, I had all these marvellous ideas about what was going to happen in book five, but no, once I got into the beginning of the book, the muse decided to go her own way. So, how I’d intended the fifth book to end originally has now done a complete flip. Which is good in one way–because it means Quinn can become a major part of book 6 again (here’s hoping Bantam want book 6!). Oh, and yeah, that’s a slight spoiler, but one you won’t understand until you read Dangerous Games! Let’s just say, Quinn stuffs up bigtime :D

On the house front, we’ve had a couple of people through looking at the house, but no offers. Given the recent interest rate rises as well as the current cost of fuel, I’m thinking it could actually be a bad time to sell. (we do tend to do these things at the wierdest–or worst–times! When we decided to sell the farmlet and move to Roxy, it was during a downturn in the market, too.) It’ll be interesting to see how many we get coming through during the open for inspection on Saturday.

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