more UK cover goodness...

Piatkus just sent me the covers for the UK release of the Damask Circle series, so here they are:

circle of fire cover  circle of death cover circle of desire cover

brilliant, aren’t they?  :)


Piatkus just sent me the final versions of the Dancing with the Devil and Hearts in Darkness covers. For those who don’t know, Piatkus have bought the non-American rights for all my ImaJinn books, and will be releasing them over the coming year, starting in September this year with the Ripple Creek series (a spot of trivia–Beneath a Rising Moon/Darkening Moon, along with Circle of Desire, are the books that Riley’s world grew from. You can see much of the same world building in them, including the moon ceremony Riley often talks about). Dancing with the Devil and Hearts in Darkness are both being released in November, and the sequels–Chasing the Shadows and Kiss the Night Goodbye will be coming in December. All of which is great news for all my non-American readers, simply because it means the books will now be on the shelves of book stores and readily available!

Anyway, here’s the covers:


you like?

I'm off...

to the Romantic Times conference today, so don’t expect a blog for a couple of days, because I’ll be either be stuck on a plane or stuck at the airport waiting for a plane. None of which will be fun, especially considering I’ll be travelling for well over 24 hours and I don’t sleep in planes. So if you’re at RT and see a baggy eyed chubby woman looking dazed and speaking in a strange accent, that’s probably going to be me. :)

I’m hoping to blog about events while I’m over there, but it could be random given the hotel’s apparently undergoing renovations (I have to ask–what is it about RT picking hotels undergoing renovations? It happened last year, too, and it was a right royal pain). I have no idea whether the business centre will be fully functional, but fingers crossed.

In other news, I have more covers to show off. These are for Beneath a Rising Moon and Beneath a Darkening Moon, which Piatkus are releasing in the UK and Commonwealth countries (including Australia) in September. Fab, aren’t they?

its taken me forever...

to write those final pages, but I can now say that Riley 7 is finished! Yay! And I hit 380 pages precisely, so it was a pretty good guess last blog. :)

Of course, the story may be finished, but now the hard work actually begins, because the thing now has to be edited.  Plus, there’s a heap of stuff that has to be threaded through the first half of the book, because the muse changed several major things about the bad guys in this over the final pages.  But at least its done, and I still have enough time to edit without rushing–which is always a bonus :)

In other news, here’s the cover for the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, in which my short story Dreams will appear. Smashing, isn’t it?