note to self:

doing a personal training session the day before your birthday is a very bad move. Muscles that scream in agony every time you move does not make the task of cleaning up the house for the influx of family very pleasant.

Note to stomach: you can not have been hungry at 4.30 this morning. Not after the meal we consumed at the pub last night. Rumbling and grumbling at this ungodly hour will not get you fed; it will only make me grumpy. For future reference, please shut the hell up and let me sleep.

Note to everyone in Melbourne looking for a good pub meal: if you’re over this side of town, then you really can’t go past Hogan’s in Wallan. The food is brilliant and the prices reasonable. It’s not the cheapest pub, granted, but it’s value for money. The meal sizes are huge–none of us could finish ours, not even the guys! Oh, and the desserts? Delish!

On another note–I’m fifty today! woohoo!   :)

And you know what? I think I look better at 50 than I did at 40. Of course, that could just be me looking in the mirror with somewhat blurry eyesight. lol