it's almost Christmas...

isn’t that amazing? This year seems to have zoomed by, and I think my head is still spinning (although that could just be lack of tea or the early hour I get up)  :)

It seems the muse has gone into Christmas mode, because she’s just refusing to work at the computer. Yesterday I ended up grabbing the alphasmart and writing in front of the TV. That worked–I got about three pages written while watching things like Grand Designs, Build a New Life, and an episode of Band of Brothers.  Three pages isn’t a lot, but it’s a whole lot more than I would have gotten staring at my computer screen. I doubt I’m going to get a whole lot done today, as I have to face the madness of the shops and get some food shopping done. Then we’re off to Pete’s sisters, for a Christmas eve dinner and early present opening. Should be fun :)

Have a great (and safe) Christmas everyone, and I’ll talk to you all in a couple of days!