I cannot believe it's 2015 already!

Has time sped up, or am I just getting older? lol

In a rather good start to the year, I’ve sold the next two books in the Souls of Fire series! I love Emberly, so it’s fabulous to be able to remain in her world a little bit longer.

And in another bit of good news, the audio rights for all my old ImaJinn books have also been sold–yay! They’re being recorded now, so they should become available within the next few months. More news as I get it.

Overall, it’s been a busy couple of months for me. Even though I only have the one release this year–Wicked Embers, the second in the Souls of Fire series, which comes out in July–I’ve still got two other books to deliver. The first of those is Flameout (working title), which is the third in the Souls of Fire series and won’t be out until 2016.

The second book I have to deliver is one that’s been done for a while–City of Light. This is a book of the heart, a story I began three or four years ago, and which stalled at precisely page 78 for just over two years. I loved the characters and the world but I just had no idea where to take it. Then, when I was at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in 2013 (wow, seems like ages ago now!), Miriam Kriss (my agent), fellow Deadline Dame (and fabulous author) Kaz Mahoney, and myself all sat down around a drink or two (as you do at conventions) and hashed it out. Suddenly the story was alive and it wouldn’t leave me alone. I think it’s the quickest I’ve ever finished a novel! Needless to say, I LOVE this story–and I’m hoping you all do too. It’s set for a Jan 2016 release  :)

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the cover for Wicked Embers  :)

Wicked Embers med

cover goodness...

I saw the cover concepts for the UK/Australia versions of Beneath a Rising Moon and Dancing with the Devil yesterday, and I have to say, they are great. I’ll post them as soon as I get the okay.   As you know, Piatkus (now a part of Little, Brown) bought the rights to my ImaJinn books, and they are planning to release them in the following order:

Beneath a Rising Moon / Beneath a Darkening Moon — Sept 08

Dancing with the Devil / Hearts in Darkness – Nov 08

Chasing the Shadows / Kiss the Night Goodbye – Dec 08

Memory Zero -April 09

Generation 18 – May 09

Penumbra – June 09

Circle of Fire – Aug 09

Circle of Death -Sept 09

Circle of Desire -Oct 09

Of course, the above dates may yet change, but I’ll let you know if they do.  And I’m not sure if the above dates are also the Australian release dates, although I believe the Sept and Nov release dates are pretty close to the mark. It’s going to be absolutely brilliant to finally be able to see these books on the shelf, though :)

Other writing news– well, I finished the Destiny edits and shipped them back, but nothing much has happened since then. I’m not sure what it is about copy edits, but I always seem to struggle to get back into my current story after stopping to do the copy edits on another. Maybe its just the abrupt dip into a different world/ time / characters that messes with the mind, maybe my muse is just damn lazy. Who knows? I just know it’s frustrating.  I got four pages written yesterday, and I’m hoping to do a little more today. One thing is for sure–this book isn’t going to be done by the end of feb. I really should know better than to give myself a target–it seems life and my muse love to sabotage it.