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Bound to Shadows, the book I’m currently working on, has an official release date–September 2009. Or August 29th, according to Amazon.  So there’s not much of a wait between Deadly Desire and the next one, which is probably a good thing considering what I do in Deadly Desire. Let’s just say the reactions to it will be interesting. lol

I finally have the Deadly Desire ARC contest contest up on my website, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on it, tootle over to my contest page and enter. And there will be several more ARC’s on offer (as well as a ton of other fab prizes) when the Deadline Dames go live!

Speaking of Deadline Dames, fellow dame Jackie Kesslar has a new novella hitting the shelves tomorrow, so I’m pimping it for her here. :)  It’s Hell is where the Heart is in the all new A Red Hot Valentine’s Day Anthology from Avon Red.  Here’s the back cover blurb:  Eternal damnation has its perks–especially for a voluptuous succubus who is about to receive a very special, very hot Valentine’s Day “gift” from her demon lover… As you can probably guess, this is a stand alone prequel to Jackie’s HELL ON EARTH series, and tells how Jezebel and Daunuan met all those millennia ago. Note that it is an erotic novella, with a major emphasis on “erotic.” So, as Jackie says, it’s not intended for anyone under 18, or those who don’t like their pages to be blisteringly hot. :)


Piatkus just sent me the final versions of the Dancing with the Devil and Hearts in Darkness covers. For those who don’t know, Piatkus have bought the non-American rights for all my ImaJinn books, and will be releasing them over the coming year, starting in September this year with the Ripple Creek series (a spot of trivia–Beneath a Rising Moon/Darkening Moon, along with Circle of Desire, are the books that Riley’s world grew from. You can see much of the same world building in them, including the moon ceremony Riley often talks about). Dancing with the Devil and Hearts in Darkness are both being released in November, and the sequels–Chasing the Shadows and Kiss the Night Goodbye will be coming in December. All of which is great news for all my non-American readers, simply because it means the books will now be on the shelves of book stores and readily available!

Anyway, here’s the covers:


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The Mammoth Book of Vampires Anthology–which will have the Quinn short story in it–is also being released in America! Which is good news for everyone in the US wanting to get their hands on the story. It’s being released by Running Press and it should be out roughly the same time as the UK edition (July 08). So, yay!

Writing news–well, the muse decided to get serious yesterday, and I’ve actually hit my end of week target of 200 pages. Hopefully that means I’ll hit about 220 by tomorrow, which would mean the downhill run to the finish line has officially begun. The storyline continues to deviate from the plot, though. I had my bad guys using magic to track down their targets, and that magic was placed onto a business card handed out to said targets. All well and good. Except that for several chapters, Riley’s been finding these cards and they haven’t been on the victims. Which doesn’t make sense if you actually think about it–how are the bad guys tracking their victims with the business cards if the business cards aren’t actually on them? Easy, says the muse. The magic can simply ‘transfer’ from the card to the person. Great. Except that both Riley and the person she’s currently trying to save have both touched the card, so why wouldn’t the bad guys go after them?

The answer, of course, is that they would. Or they’d at least go after the person she’s trying to save, simply because he has vital information about the identity of our bad guys. So, yesterday was spent writing a completely new scene involving magic, zombies, a dead guardian and a terrified witness. I’m actually still in that scene–Riley’s just about to have a fight with the zombie and she’ll gain a vital clue out of it (something else I missed when plotting). Then, hopefully, I’ll get back on track. :)

Oh, and happy Valentines Day to those on my side of the world!

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