in the local news...

the booksigning I did at Book Express in Western Australia made the local papers. Click here if you want to see a jpg of the article. Oh, and the pic is pre-chocolate hair (and you can see the reason I went darker–it was getting far too light for my skin tone). Thanks muchly to Karen for sending me the copy!  Here’s the Thursday update:

Story–Captured by Vengeance

New pages – 10
Time spent writing – 6 (with breaks)
Current page count – 140
Intriguing things – the story continues to deviate from outline. Quinn is now the one in danger.
Annoyances –  the story continuing to deviate from outline.
Music – Dralion & Varekai
Location – The desk.
Taking care of Keri – big session at the gym which I will probably regret tomorrow!
Muse food – bought the first 5 Star Trek movies–love the original cast  :)

Finally, an update...

Yes, I’ve been rather slack of late when it comes to updating this blog, but I do have a good excuse! I’ve been flat out (like a lizard drinking, as the saying goes) trying to get the edits for Bound to Shadows done. My editor loved the story overall, but thought the bad guy was too obvious (and as a result, Riley appeared a little too thick), so I had to re-jig the plot, taking out some scenes, adding others, and generally smoothing it all out. Which meant I had a whole lot of paper on my desk with notes scrawled all over them. Well, more than is usual, anyway :) Fingers crossed it all reads better now (or at least, isn’t quite as obvious).

In other writing news (those of you who read the Deadline Dames blog or who get my newsletter will already know this, so sorry for the repeat) my lovely agent and editor informed me last week that Deadly Desire will debut on the New York Times Bestseller list at number 6 this week. Which is flaming amazing and my first top ten showing! So, aHUGE thank you to you all! I think it’ll take weeks yet for the silly grin to be wiped off my face.

Also, Piatkus sent me the cover for the UK & Australian version of Bound to Shadows, and I have to say, it’s smashing! I really love the new direction the UK covers have taken. As soon as I get clearance to share, I will :)

Oh, and those of you in the Orlando area, I’m going to be at the Romantic Times Booklovers convention in April (22nd–26th). If you don’t want to go to the convention itself, they have a booksigning day on the Saturday–300 authors in one room, all of them signing books. It’s $5 to enter if you’re not a conference attendee, which isn’t too bad. For more details, check out