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the editing trail goes on...and on...

yep, still editing. But I actually had a good day yesterday and got over sixty pages done. Which doesn’t sound a whole lot, but those sixty pages included adding two new scenes and taking out one, then trying to marry the resulting mess into a readable format. All in all, I’ve now deleted 55 pages, but added back 67, so I’m actually 12 pages up on my original page count now. Just as well my editor mentioned it was a little short rather than a little long 😀

The Loch Ness book hasn’t been touched for several days. I’m afraid to say TV called me away. House is on Wednesday nights, and Lost Thursday, so writing time was severely cut into. But there’s nothing on tonight, so hopefully, I’ll be able to concentrate on it. (and speaking of Lost–what was with that second episode? Much of it was a repeat of what we’ve already seen, with a few extras thrown in. Come on guys, that’s just cheating! Give us some real answers for a change!)

On the Full Moon Rising front, I’ve recieved another good review, this time from the gals over on A Romance Review. Click here if you want to check it out 🙂

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