the recovery phase....

why is it that after attending a conference in which you do little more than overeat, overchat, and overdrink (aka, have a damn good time!), you feel like you’ve been hit by a trunk and need to sleep for the next 48 hours? My eyes still feel like they’re hanging out of my head, and I still feel wasted, yet I slept really well last night.


Anyway, I haven’t done much writing since getting home, but I did pick up my new car. It’s very pretty and drives so much nicer than my old car :D Oh, and Bantam sent me two ARC’s for Kissing Sin, and they look absolutely fabbo.

Since I have got anything useful to say (see, the brain just isn’t functioning at full capacity….and no snide remarks from the peanut gallery stating that it never does!), here’s a couple more conference pics:

Mel and me looking glam at the Saturday night awards dinner. I think this was at the three wine stage of the evening (I got to four wines ;)

Me as a wicked witch at the cocktail party (sans the long, hooked plastic nose, which made drinking and eating extremely difficult) Pic thanks to Kate Cuthbert.

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