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It was an odd day, yesterday–writing wise, at least. Most of my morning was spent catching up on a whole lot of emails, and then I updated both mine and RWAust’s websites. After lunch, I took the dogs for their usual walk, and Finn decided to do a runner–he spotted another dog across the paddock, and she smelled like fun. Of course, he still has all his boy bits and was rather excited about her appearance. It took me ten minutes to catch the bugger and drag him away. He didn’t care at all that she was fixed. Well, as of Friday, he will be minus said bits! That’s the second time in a week he’s run off on me, and enough is enough (we’ve delayed this long on advice from the vet because his boy bits haven’t actually dropped. They’re still tucked up).

Anyway, it was when we were walking home that inspiration struck–but not for the scene I was working on. Oh no, my muse just doesn’t play nice like that. It hits me with the end confrontation scene instead. Of course, I had to write it all down once I got home, and ended up with three pages of notes. So, I now know how the big battle at the end will all happen. I’m just not quite sure how I’m going to get to that point. Today I got back down to writing the current scene, and it’s been a bit of a drag. I’ve never been to Lake Superior, so I’m having to constantly stop and check the little things–like what are the common types of trees for the area, what sort of birds there are, what sort of shrubs grow, stuff like that. I actually found a really cool house in the real estate section that’s become my heroine’s home, though I doubt a whole lot of the actual description will make it into the story–she doesn’t stay there long enough. But I’ve managed to do four pages overall today, which I’m quite happy about given the amount of stops for research. Hopefully, I’ll make up some extra pages tomorrow, because ideally, I’d like to get 30 or 40 pages done this week. That would put me within sniffing distance of the end (300 pages). But considering this novel is due in September, it’s going to be a close call. Fingers crossed no more edits come in for the next few weeks!

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