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I discovered yesterday that if I bore the hell out of the muse, the muse gets annoyed. And when the muse is annoyed, she writes. lol. I had an online committee meeting with RWAustralia yesterday, and normally they’re fun, but for some reason yesterday, it just seemed to be going on and on and on….sorry girls, it wasn’t you, it was the subject matter!…so after a while, I split screens and began reading over what I had written on Friday. The muse wasn’t impressed with this decision–she thought it was too hot to actually think–but given the other option was paying full attention to the arguing on the other screen, she gave up on the foot stomping and reluctantly buckled down to edit. And when the editing was over, she wrote. By the time the meeting had actually finished, I’d written five pages. I wrote another five after The Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance Australia, and have now finished one of the two major end scenes I had to go. So go bored muse!

I’ve now hit 372 pages completed, so this story is at least going to get close to 380 pages–which is better than I thought it might be. And I’m sure to add at least a couple of pages during the editing stages, because there’s always scenes that are rougher than I think and need some serious smoothing out. So, all is good. Or it will be, when I finish the final scene. But that one is going to be a doozy to write…

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