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As I rather expected, the muse was still in Riley mode yesterday, so although I opened my Loch Ness files and did a read-thru of the last few pages to get a feel for it again, I actually ended up writing the 5th Riley book. And already, this book is not going where I thought it would. My original idea was to have Riley waking up to find a dead man–as in a ghost, not a vampire–in her bedroom. The ghost would ask her to help to find his killer, and Riley and the gang would get involved in some more nasty stuff. But the ghost has morphed into a guy who is astrally travelling. He also just happens to be from Riley’s pack–the pack that threw her and Rhoan out when they were teenagers and who told them never to contact the pack again. He still needs her help, of course, but Riley is less than eager.

So basically, we’re going to learn a whole lot more about Riley and Rhoan’s pack and their life growing up. Not what I’d intended, but an interesting path all the same. And I already know how it is going to end, even though at this stage I only have vague ideas for the middle bits. Will it be a happy ending? Maybe not entirely. But it will be an appropriate ending 😀

Page count wise, I ended up writing 8 pages. Pretty darn good considering it’s the beginning, and I always think beginnings are harder to write. Maybe because it’s tougher to get the right mix of hook and information. This one starts a lot slower than previous books–there’s no action, no fighting, no conversation of any kind–just Riley and her thoughts. I still think it works–but I’ll let my crit partners have the final say on whether it actually does or not. Although if I don’t bring the loch ness book to our crit session tomorrow, they might just kill me. Seems I left it in the middle of an action scene last time… 😀

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