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I got another review for Full Moon Rising today–this one from Harriet Klausner (and a big thankyou to Vicki White for finding it and passing it on!)

Harriet says:

Keri Arthur is one of the best supernatural romance writers in the world and the best to come out of Australia. After the audience reads this book, they will want to read her backlist (see because they are as good as FULL MOON RISING. There is enough romance, action and intrigue to
satiate the most discerning reader.. Character development is incredible making readers want to read future books starring Riley, an incredible person who will do what is necessary to keep her loved ones safe. There are several loose threads dangling so readers can be assured of at least one sequel and this reviewer can hardly wait.

How cool is that? Talk about an affirmation–I think I’ll print out “one of the best supernatural writers, and the best to come out of Australia” and stick it up on my wall for those days every writer has–the days when you think every word sucks, that you can’t write to save yourself, and that the book is just plain terrible. I can look at that, and say, hey, rack-off doubt, someone out there does think I can write.

Of course, I’m not about to start believing that sort of press–there’s way too many brilliant authors out there, authors who sell way more than me, authors whose footsteps I’d love to follow–but I have a ways yet before I’d ever class myself every bit as good as those ladies.

And of course, it doesn’t matter what I think anyway. It never matters what an author thinks–the only person that matters is the reader. There’s is the only opinion that counts, because they shell out the bucks.

So I’ll just sit here plugging away, and hoping like hell you do like Full Moon Rising enough to want the sequels.

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