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Another Sunday--Another Six Sentence Sunday post

Cursed is released in two days! WOOT! I’ll be celebrating its release by giving away some books (print and E-book) over on my Reader’s Group page, so if you haven’t joined it yet, now’s your chance!

Here the linkage if you haven’t had a chance to order the book yet, and want to:

Apple | Amazon | Kobo | Nook | Google Play

And finally, here are another six sentences 🙂


Musk began to stain the air, a thick, sour scent that made me want to gag. It was so strong—so invasive—that it clung to my skin and clothes and forced me to breathe through my mouth. And as that scent got stronger, so too did the vibrations running through the earth.

“One mile away, Rennie,” I said.

He nodded and touched the halo again. “Balcor and Caracal units, stand ready. At the first sign of movement, fire, and don’t stop, or the bastards will have you.”

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