ARC contest...

And the winner of the Deadly Desire ARC contest is…..Lee Gane! Congrats Lee.  :)

In other news, they were predicting another horror day of heat and high winds here in Victoria, but it’s currently raining (which in itself is amazing–I’d actually forgotten what the wet stuff falling from the sky was given its been so long since we actually experienced it here in Vic!) and the trees are still, so fingers crossed it remains that way. The firemen need a break!

In writing news, I’m still doing the edits on Mercy Burns. I’ve rewritten/fiddled with the first two chapters almost nonstop to get them right, but I think I finally have. Hopefully the rest of the book will be a little easier to fix. It just goes to show how badly my muse and I weren’t concentrating when writing this though, because I haven’t written anything this messy for a while.  But then, I guess a marriage falling apart will do that.

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