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Book 3: The Spook Squad Series

About the Book

Agent Sam Ryan has had enough. She wants out, and she wants out now. She was sick of putting up with Gabriel’s crappy attitude, sick of seeing nothing but paperwork and the inside of her small office. But most of all, she was sick of feeling lonely. It was time to take control, to get a life beyond work

But the man in charge of the SIU isn’t about to let her go so easily. Offered the choice between guarding a clone and probable enemy, and remaining stuck in her shoe box, she reluctantly takes the former-even though she guesses Stephan is not only withholding information from her, but he’s using her as bait to draw out the one man he and the SIU are desperate to capture. The elusive, dangerous Sethanon.

Gabriel is relieved to discover he’s finally shaken Sam as a partner-until he learns her new assignment is guarding Wetherton, the clone replacement of a government minister. Both he and Stephan know Wetherton could only have come from one place-Hopeworth. The military base has been involved in DNA experiments for decades and was more than likely the place where Sam was created. But there was a growing likelihood that the military base was also the home of Sethanon himself.

Determined to protect her, Gabriel is quickly drawn into the mission. All too soon he discovers the connection between him and Sam is far deeper than anyone could ever have imagined. Because what lies in her DNA also lies in his, and might just mean that everything he’d believed about his past and his ability to love was nothing but a lie.

As the assignment begins to unravel around her and her past begins to reveal itself in her dreams, Sam fights to stay alive and find the truth. About herself, about the men in her dreams, about the connection between her and Gabriel.

But the military is closing in, and they want their creation back.

And the only person standing between her and them might well be the enemy of all mankind.

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Penumbra audiobook by Keri Arthur


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Narrator: Molly Elston
Format: Unabridged
Runtime: 8h 33m

The Details

Published: November 16, 2005
Publisher: Bantam Dell
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook
ISBN-10: 0440246601 ISBN-13: 978-0440246602 ASIN: B00K4C4H3A
Genres & Tropes
Urban Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Paranormal, Vampires