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christmas shopping and other crap

well, I believe I’ve finally finished it–the Christmas shopping, that is. Please note that there is still six days left until Christmas, which means that for the first time in years, I will not be doing my usual mad dash around on Christmas Eve (which is actually just as well, because Pete’s family are having their Christmas Do on Christmas Eve this year.)

See, family, I can get organised. 😀

Of course, the big difference this year is the fact that for the first time in seven years, I’m not working. (I can spend Christmas Day home with Pete and Kasey for a change–yay!) Which means, I actually have had the time to shop. Mind you, I’m not sure that’s a good thing. When you haven’t the time, you skim around, grab the first thing that seems suitable, and get the hell out. When you have the time to cruise, you do so, and usually end up buying the first thing that came to mind anyway. Plus, you have the added bonus of battling the crowds for longer. Which is one of the things I hate about Christmas–the goddamn masses packed into the shopping centres. At least I don’t have to battling them anymore this year 😀

Writing wise…well, the less said about that the better. I’ve added a whole page (if I’m lucky) since my last blog, but I’m still planning to get the fourth Guardian book finished by the end of December. I’m hoping the muse will kick into gear once I get my shoulder looked at today. For those who don’t know the tale, I’ve been putting up with a serious ache in my shoulder for well over a year, thinking it was tendonitis–a common complaint for chefs, and not one much can be done about (other than quitting work and resting, which is something I couldn’t afford to do until recently). Of course, once I did stop working and the ache didn’t go away, I thought I’d better get it checked out. Turns out, it’s not tendonitis, but a torn muscle and bursitis. Yeah, yeah, I’m an idiot for ignoring it for so long. Anyway, I’m off to the specialist today, and hopefully, he’ll tell me it’s not too late to fix the problem. The good thing is, ache fixed or not, I’ve still got 2 weeks until the end of December, and only about 100 pages to write, so if I do concentrate, it’s more than possible to finish this baby. I just have to concentrate–something the brain finds hard to do at this time of year.

Maybe it’s all the chocolate 😀

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