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I’m off to Canberra for Conflux this weekend, so I won’t be online much. I’ve never been to an Aussie fantasy con before (actually, I haven’t been to any fantasy cons before–something I aim to fix in coming years), so this should be interesting. I’m slated to appear on a couple of panels at this one. The first panel is the Urban versus Paranormal one, which I can talk quite easily about, but the other two should prove interesting. One is running under the title The Dead Body – how to kill someone heroicly, and given that personally I don’t think there should be anything heroic about killing, we could get into some interesting discussions. The other panel is Love, Crime and Spells – cross-genre work, which I should be okay in. I mean, I don’t do the whole spell scenario in many of my novels, but I definitely have crime and love.

In writing news, I’ve finished the final edits on The Darkest Kiss (riley 6) and the book is now in my editors hands. Now the wait begins–hopefully, it won’t need drastic edits like Embraced did. At least I had a little more time to work with The Darkest Kiss, so hopefully it’ll be tidier. I’ve also managed to finish the first chapter of Mercy. I’m quite happy with it overall, and hopefully, given that I’m taking the alphasmart up with me to Canberra, I’ll get the chance to do some more writing on it.

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