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There seems to some confusion surrounding Destiny Kills. Yes, it is the start of a new series, but no, that series does not have continuing characters (which is why Destiny and Trae’s story basically wraps up at the end of Destiny Kills, and why the character’s story arc seems complete, with no where else to go). Destiny and Trae do appear in Mercy Burns (book 2 of the Myth and Magic series), but only because Mercy is Trae’s sister. Their appearance is basically limited to a cameo at the end of the story.  Mercy Burns is the story of the trouble Mercy got into when she went missing, and it has nothing to do with the mad scientists Destiny and Trae had to deal with. Hope Shatters (book 3)  will pick up on the mad scientist theme again and deal with the threads left open in the 1st book–if it gets picked up. At the moment, there’s no guarantee that will happen.

I do have another new series coming that will feature continuing characters. That one is a spin off from the Riley series,  and will feature Risa, Dia’s little girl, as the main protagonist. It will also centre more around the vampire council and the spirit world than the Directorate and wolf world. My working title for the first book is Dark Angel, but of course, that was a great TV series, so my title probably won’t stay. Of course, you won’t see this series until I finish the final book for Riley, and that’s not being released until sometime in 2010.

Speaking of the Riley series, I just got several ARCs of Deadly Desire in and they look very pretty. I might even give one away on my website 🙂 I also learned the Bound by Shadows— the 8th book in the series–is set for September 2009 release (as long as I get my butt into gear and finish it on time. LOL.)

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