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damn heroines....

I hate it when they just won’t do what you want them to. I’ve been leading up to this nice big scene with Quinn, planning to them get them all hot and heavy…and what does Riley want to do? Talk. Talk! The woman has no sense. At least she did kiss him–and it was a really good kiss–but then she talked again. My sex-loving werewolf heroine has gone strange, I tell you.

Of course, you hear lots of people scoff at characters taking control of scenes, and yeah, in some sense they are right. Characters can’t control scenes because the characters aren’t flesh and blood, but creations from the writer’s mind. But if the writer is doing his or her job properly, then the characters become real to both the writer and the reader. And the wise writer will learn to listen to the characters–forcing them to go in some pre-conceived direction that doesn’t suit the scene or the character often means you end up with a rather crappy scene. So yeah, it’s not the actual character forcing the direction–it’s the muse. That part of the writer’s brain where weirdness and good things come from.

So, Riley has now run off to chase a bad guy, and I have to figure out a different way to get them into bed. So much for plotting out the end half of this story.

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